How to have a budget in Vienna?

The capital of Austria is a popular tourist destination, however many tourists, no matter how they want to visit Mozart’s homeland, do not dare to go there. After trips from agencies cost about 50 thousand rubles per week, if not more. However, such a tour can be organized independently and very even budget. It is important only to know a few nuances.


How cheap is it to get to Vienna advice from

1. Tickets from Aeroflot and Austrian Airlines cost around 12-15 thousand rubles round-trip, including the baggage.

2. If you are a typical budget tourist and plan to manage only one hand luggage, the tickets will go to 9-10 thousand rubles (Austrian Airlines, UTair).


3. You can save a lot if you fly «Victory» to Bratislava (from 6000 rubles for a round-trip ticket), and then change to a bus, which will take you to Vienna’s Schwechat airport. But it should be noted that «Victory» is a low-coster, which means that it only provides hand luggage. Even for a trip to duty-free, you will have to pay 2000 rubles.

It is unprofitable to fly «Victory» in the season, when the ticket will be released in 10-11 thousand, which is not much different from Aeroflot, but eats up time and nerves. Nerves are the most expensive.

Even more unfortunate option: fly to Budapest by WizzAir. Despite the fact that the tickets cost from 5000 rubles, they do not include luggage, for which you will have to pay extra. In addition, you will have to buy a ticket for the bus to Vienna (13-20 euros), if not for a train that is even more expensive. And also count the bus from the airport to the city and the metro of Budapest, which, by the way, closes at 23 o’clock, and the cheapest flights to Moscow — at 5 am. 6 hours at the airport — this is not a fairy tale.

How inexpensive to travel around Vienna?

Let’s start right from the airport. You should not take a fast train to the CAT center, it can be easily replaced by an ordinary city train that goes only 10 minutes longer, but it does not cost 12 euros, but 3. Tickets are bought immediately at the airport in the ticket machine (accepts cards) .

If you arrive at the beginning of the week, it is reasonable to buy Wochenkarte — a travel card for a week. It costs 16,50 euros and includes all trips within the city (the so-called zone 100) on all types of transport, except taxis.

If you arrive more than three days, then it is also worth taking a ticket for 48 or 72 hours. The more days, the cheaper the card is.

Taxi in the city is expensive, it’s difficult to catch, but nobody canceled Uber.

Where is it cheap to join the beautiful?

If you plan to visit many museums, then it makes sense to take the Vienna card. With it the entrance to many places is much cheaper, with a discount of up to 50%. Also a good thing is the annual map (Jahreskarte). It is possible to visit one Vienna museum from the list one time per year (there are about 7 of them on the list).

On the first Sunday of the month, the entrance to many museums of the city is free, as well as some public holidays, for example, the National Day on October 26.

How to have a budget in Vienna?
Photo: Vera Ivanchikova, personal archive

A separate word about the opera. Entry to it can be quite inexpensive if you take the very beginning of the ticket for standing places. It costs from 3 euros. Perfect and more than inexpensive to join in to the beautiful!

Also in Vienna, especially in the warm season, free concerts and festivals are often arranged. A vivid example is Dunaoubinselfest. At the end of June dozens of bands from all over the world gather on the Danube Island and organize a free open-air concert.

In the concert hall «Museumskvartir», which is located on the metro station of the same name, free exhibitions and concerts are often arranged.

How to have a budget in Vienna?
Photo: Vera Ivanchikova, personal archive

Where is tasty and inexpensive to eat in Vienna?

Cafes and restaurants in the city are quite expensive. Local, for example students, try to take business lunches for 6-9 euros. These are offered in many cafes of the city, and most of them, perhaps, near the main university of Vienna — Uni Wien (metro station Schottentor Universität). In these establishments you can eat and originally Austrian cuisine.

Separate attention deserves a café-type «buffet», in German sounds like Buffet. For a certain amount you can eat heartily. There are several such establishments at the Prater metro station.

Local people are happy to buy fast food in numerous stalls in the streets. In Vienna, in general, an incredibly large consumption of kebab, including his vegetarian version — falafelya. One such kebab for 3-4 euros can be satiated for the whole day. Also popular with local buns Semmerl — with sausage, cheese, both, and indeed with any other meat. You can even put a schnitzel. There is such a bun from 1 euro to 3.